Equipment at IComp

IComp has a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for composite materials research. In the modern laboratories located in UL, UCD, AIT and NUIG, IComp has full capability in all stages of composite materials R&D including processing and manufacturing, testing, characterisation and simulation. The table below gives an overview of our equipment and facilities but these lists are not exhaustive.

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Facilities and Equipment at UCD

UCD have recently invested in a suite of Additive Manufacturing equipment and have also purchased new analysis equipment to support of this. The following is a list of these new facilities.


Additive Manufacturing-Related Equipment :

  • Kuka 6-axis Robotic Arm with gripper and controller.
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Facilities and Equipment at AIT

Applied Polymer Technologies (APT) has just installed a state of the art melt spinning line for technical fibres with integrated filter test capabilities, supplied by Italian extrusion experts, Eurotech Extrusion Machinery SRL. The unit comprises of a 25mm single screw extruder (L/D 25) controlled by a state of the art touch screen technology which allows the operator the option of manual or fully automatic modes due to the closed loop feedback control from the 50cm3 melt pump for an optimum and non-interrupted through put,

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Facilities and Equipment at NUIG

The New Engineering Building on the NUI Galway campus is a dedicated 14,000 m2 facility for engineering teaching and research. This includes state‐of‐the‐art engineering laboratories with a wide range of equipment for testing, imaging and processing. The facilities include custom designed and built facilities such as a dynamic wind turbine test rig and a wiffletree frame for large blade testing.

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Facilities and Equipment at UL

The Automated Tape Placement (ATP) machine recently purchased by IComp is located in a purpose-built lab in UL.

Click here for a list of the other equipment available in the Bernal Institute in UL.

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