Joining of Composites Conference, 21 March 2019, The Titanic Centre, Belfast

21st March 2019


Much of the research effort in composites in recent years has focused on their manufacture, for example, to automate their lay up and speed up their cure, and much progress has been made. However, when it comes to the assembly and joining of composites to other components of similar or dissimilar materials,

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Computational Mechanics Summer School 2018, Texas A&M University

Dr Angeliki Chanteli, postdoctoral researcher working for the Irish Composites Centre (IComp) in the University of Limerick, Ireland was accepted and attended the Computational Mechanics Summer School 2018 that was held at the Texas A&M University, from 23rd July 2018 to 03rd August 2018.. The program was designed for graduate students,

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Innovation Award for IComp’s collaboration with EJ Access Solutions

The UL/IComp research team (Dr Walter Stanley, Principal Investigator; Mr Ananda Roy, Senior Researcher; Dr Peter Hammond, Postdoctoral Researcher) that worked in an EI Innovation Partnership with EJ Access Solutions (Dr Vincent Cooper, Product Manager) and developed a lightweight access cover made from composite materials that could replace covers made from cast iron in certain applications,

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FIBRESHIP is an ambitious project that will allow for the construction of light commercial vessels, passenger and leisure transport and oceanographic vessels more than 50 meters in length using fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials.

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