Easaform Conference 2017

The International Conference, Easaform2017 was held in DCU, in April. The conference addressed numerous disciplines ranging from metallics to composites to ceramics. The presentations included all aspects of material forming processes, from the processing procedure itself to material interaction, both numerically and experimentally, ranging from the nano to macro scale.

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Joining of Composites Conference

IComp, in partnership with The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) UK (ktn-uk.co.uk), organised an international conference on ‘Joining of Composites’ on 21st March 2017 in the world class Titanic conference facility in Belfast.

The 12 speakers were predominantly from industry as were the 86 delegates. The comprehensive programme was aimed at identifying the challenges to industry of joining composite to composite and composite to metal,

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SFI Infrastructure Award for Composites and Plastics Joining Suite in UL

Professor Conor McCarthy has been awarded €921k from the SFI Infrastructure Programme for the establishment of The Composites and Plastics Joining Suite, at the University of Limerick. This is a unique set of tools to join virtually any pair of materials or components to form new lightweight hybrid products with increased functionality for higher added value consumer products being manufactured in Ireland.

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