Easaform Conference 2017

The International Conference, Easaform2017 was held in DCU, in April. The conference addressed numerous disciplines ranging from metallics to composites to ceramics. The presentations included all aspects of material forming processes, from the processing procedure itself to material interaction, both numerically and experimentally, ranging from the nano to macro scale.

Dr. Trevor Young and Mr. Anthony O’Carroll from IComp are authors of the paper “Manufacturing issues which affect coating erosion performance in wind turbine blades,” and this was presented by Fernando Sanchez, University CEU, Valencia, in the composites forming section. The focus of this work is to highlight the issues which affect coating performance, which include the interaction between layers in a multi-layer erosion protection coating. This interaction was simulated using FE software to optimise each layer so as to improve the overall performance of the multi-layer system. The results of the simulations were then assessed by creating test coupons which were tested in the Whirling Arm Rain Erosion Rig (WARER), which was designed and built in UL. The presentation was well received and the discussions that followed with members of the wind turbines industry (based primarily in coating and operation), were very informative. There was a strong interest in the modelling aspect of the process, of which there may be further work, subject to proposal that Fernando and Enrique, Aerox Advanced Polymers, have submitted.

Further details on the conference available at http://www.esaform2017.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=153382&

Fernando Sanchez, University CEU, Valencia, presenting at Easaform 2017

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Written by ICompteam